Broadway Bound

One of my very good friends here at home is an aspiring actress and singer. She’s been in all the High School plays so far and is in the show choir at my high school. She’s amazing at both acting and singing and her all time dream is to be on Broadway. Recently she made to YouTube videos of her singing and she’s really trying to get some views and comments on them. You guys should definitely check them out, they’re astounding! Literally when I listened to the first one I thought she gave me the wrong link because it sounded completely professionally done! (Not that I expected any less from her!)
So what are you doing? Go check them out now!

I am absolutely certain that someday she’ll reach her goal of being on Broadway and I’ll be proud to say I knew her when and I had the honor of being in show choir with her Senior year.
Hope ♥


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2 responses to “Broadway Bound”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    Wow! I heard two different styles…but same person.
    She is good with a capital G.
    I hope she makes it. I would love to think, I heard her first.
    lovely voice—so jealous…lol

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