The Story of My Life

For those who don’t know me yet, or don’t know me well, or even those who do know me, here’s the story of my life til now.
My story, well, I was born 19 years ago on November 26 in a hospital in Georgia. I was raised by two parents and we welcomed by sister in the world when I was 5. I was home schooled until my freshman year of High School (More on that in a minute). Unlike most people, Middle School was actual one of my favorite times in life thus far. I spent it with my 6 bestest friends in the world, Erin, Jill, Kelly, Lydia and Margaret who along with me made a Sisterhood for the 6 of us called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Cross (We’re all strong Christians and after watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants together one night, we decided to make our own sisterhood that would not only help us bond together but together would keep each other strong in our faith.) My 6th best friend in Georgia is Zach. All of middle school we hung out together at our home school group called, “Masters academy”, at church, at youth group, and every summer the 7 of us would go to church camp together where most of my best memories were made. My freshman year of high school (well, just before actually) my family got the shocking news that my elderly grandma in Kansas had been in a terrible car accident. (She’s fine now though has a lot of memory loss!) After much prayer and thought, we decided the best thing to do was to move to Kansas so we could help my grandparents out. In addition to helping them, my sister Noelle and I would have a lot more freedom. My mom had come down with a debilitating nerve disease shortly after my sister was born and then, just before my 12th birthday, she was also diagnosed with a lung disease, both of which left her bedridden and unable to drive or do everyday things. The town we were moving to in Kansas was only 9 blocks by 6 blocks, very safe and we could even walk every where we needed to go. It’s lovely, it’s a bit like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show, everyone knows everyone. After moving to Kansas in October of 2006, I started going to the local high school, it was somewhat scary at first because not only was I in a brand new state where I only knew my grandparents but also I had never even been in High School building. Almost immediately I made some good friends but it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I met my very best friend here, she came up to me and introduced herself in this way, “Hi, my name’s Jill, do you want to be best friends?” I said yes, and the rest is history. I love her so much and she always can make me laugh, she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. The rest of High School I enjoyed being in Show Choir, Forensics (Where I did improvised Duet Acting with Jill) and performing in the school plays. Also, I’ve made lots of other friends that I love deeply! Last May, I graduated with slightly teary eyes because Jill and most of my other good friends were in the grade below me. In the fall I started attending Kansas State University where I roomed with a friend from high school. College was a refreshing place for me because I finally had some freedom, my parents are the strictest I’ve ever met (Ex. They wouldn’t let me watch Pocahontas til last year and I’m still not even allowed to bring anything Harry Potter in the house, I had to read the books on my front porch last summer.) That’s pretty much my life until now besides saying that last summer after finally reading and watching HP I become addicted to it and this past March I watched all of Doctor Who and LOVE it. Also, at college I have two more best friends Shelby and Alex who are fantastic and at college I constantly hang out with both of them.
By the way, Harry Potter was quite worth it. Worth the week and a half of reading on my porch sometimes til 1 in the morning, covered in mosquito bites because of it. They’re brilliant. And to be honest they give me courage to, my parents aren’t just strict really, they’re worse than just that. Recently they’ve taken to telling me I’m selfish, that I’ll never find love, that I’m not pretty anymore and I’m a disappointment. That’s why I like fantasy books a lot, and Doctor Who, I can pretend that there’s some place I can escape it all. Music and photography are also huge parts of my life. Photography is one thing I feel I’m actually good at and that and music also help me escape.
Thanks for reading all of this!
I love you all!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

4 responses to “The Story of My Life”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    I welcome such insight into people. Your life is full, and I think quite rewarding.
    Hint: Your parents are not the strictest ever…TRUST ME!
    PS: I have a little Y/A soap opera going on at my blog…Stories of the Bru…A Bru discovers Brooklyn PArt 5 will be posted this week. Read that and then tell me about Strict Parent!

  2. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    I love hearing about your life! Your town sounds really cute. I’m so glad you have supportive friends around you, sounds like you need it! Makes me wish I had a best friend too :) I

    ‘m also really glad you found HP as it’s amazing and I find it so weird that your parents are against it – yes there’s magic in there but it’s really about good triumphing over evil and having morals, courage, friendship and love above all else and standing firm against the dark side. JK Rowling is a Christian herself.

    Anyway sometimes you can’t change people’s views, just know in your heart who you really are and stay true to that! I also smile that they are hard on you as you sound like a great girl and let’s face it they could have ended up with someone who rebelled against their faith and got into all sorts of trouble, they’re lucky you’re on the right path!!

    Sorry for the ramble but yay for this blog! We heart you too!!

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Thanks for reading it! :) And yeah, I love my town, it’s pretty adorable! I’m glad I do too, I don’t know what I would do without them!
      Yes I agree, I’ve been wanting to read them since they first came out but wasn’t allowed too. It is amazing, and I love that JK Rowling is a Christian! I’m willing to argue even that there are more Christian themes in Harry Potter than Lord of the Rings even!
      And yes, I completely agree, it’ll be good when I’m out of the house and don’t have to listen to this all the time. And they definitely could’ve gotten a much worse kid!
      And thanks so much for the long comment, I love it! :)

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