My thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial

I can’t prove whether Casey Anthony is guilty or not but I do know that people who are innocent don’t lie to the police. You don’t have a missing daughter for 31 days and not report it to the police if you’re not at least somewhat involved
You don’t Google things like “how to break a neck” “death” and “how to make chloroform”. You don’t lie to your family, friends, and the police about your daughter’s whereabouts. Casey Anthony said a nanny was taking care of her, the woman she claimed to be the nanny, had never met Casey or her family before. Little Caylee was found with duck tape around her skull. There were traces or decomposition and chloroform found in Casey’s car. She didn’t report her baby girl missing for a month, ANY mother worthy of having a child would report their child missing after a few hours. She got a tattoo that says “Bella Vita” which means good or beautiful life, while her child was missing! WHO WOULD GET A TATTOO CLAIMING THEY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE WHILE THEIR BABY IS MISSING? I’m so upset for Caylee. What is wrong with the America justice system. I get why they couldn’t for sure say she was guilty, they didn’t have complete proof but in that case prolong the trial so you can get proof. Don’t let a murderer go free.
So for all those people thinking this case doesn’t matter to them or who say that the jurors clearly know more than we do, the evidence was all released and it does matter to you because now there is a murderer loose on the streets because our justice system is faulty and wouldn’t put away a guilty woman.
This whole thing makes me sick, I can’t even imagine it. Really, not guilty to anything except for lying to the police? Well the fact that she lied to them ever should tell you some about her.

I wish this beautiful little child had some justice

Hope ♥


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2 responses to “My thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial”

  1. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    I don’t really know the details as it hasn’t been covered as much here but it’s horrible to think there’s been no justice for the little girl!

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