Random things about myself

Ok so I know I’ve been kind of terrible with blogging recently but during the summer I literally just sit at home almost everyday so I really don’t have that much to write about. So, I did this thing on Facebook a while ago where I just wrote some random facts about myself. So, here you go! Enjoy!
1. Ice cream is my favorite thing to eat in this entire world, if it wouldn’t make me fat and be incredibly unhealthy, I would eat it for every meal.

2. My favorite colors are purple, lime green and electric blue and have been for quite some time. Also, my best friend Zach and I refer to electric blue as lime blue. Don’t ask why, it just happened.

3. Reading is one of my favorite things to do in this world, I feel as if I’ve been whisked away to another place and its my favorite feeling in the world.

4. I must be listening to music at all times if possible. It drives me insane not to have music playing when I’m doing something. It’s quite frustrating that I can’t listen to music during class…

5. I like almost every kind of music, the only kinds I can’t stand are country and most rap. Yuck.

6. I have the most amazing friends in the world and I miss them some of them a whole lot.

7. I’ve wanted to be an FBI agent since I was 5 years old.

8. I did ballet for 8 years but stopped when I moved to Kansas freshman year of High School.

9. I had headgear for 2 years. Yes, just like Darla on Finding Nemo. :/

10. When I was quite small after watching, “A Bug’s Life” I was convinced that I could somehow make bugs talk to me and I did a “science” experiment to make it work. What did I do for said experiment you ask? Fed the bugs peanut butter. Don’t ask why, I do not know.

11. I deeply enjoy taking pictures. Of pretty much anything, I think its super fun.

12. I wish I was a really talented artist. I can draw some random things, but I wish that I was really good at it.

13. It’s one of my deepest wishes to learn how to play the guitar before I die.

14. I hate to cry and I never ever cry during movies. There’ve only been 3 movies in my entire life that I’ve cried at, I just don’t cry at them. I don’t know. If I have to cry, I try to make sure no one is around. Also, I will probably cry at this Harry Potter movie….

15. I love Doctor Who so much. I wish (and somewhat believe) that the Doctor is real. I will one day hear the TARDIS materializing!

16. When I was small I had a reoccurring nightmare about a brightly colored place and all of the sudden a monster would jump out at me. That’s all I remember of it.

17. Dr. Pepper is my all-time favorite drink. Actually, it might be more of an addiction really…

18. I think that tea and coffee are quite magical and I drink one or the other everyday.

19. I tend to overuse exclamation points and smiley faces a lot. Though I just noticed I’ve used neither in this survey which is quite unusual for me.

20. Hats and sunglasses are some of the coolest things in this world.

21. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year though I hate winter with everything in me. :)

22. I enjoy acting crazy with my friends. Or by myself. But I like being with my friends more but I don’t really tend to care what people think of how I act. :)

23. I wish more people said how they really felt instead of acting differently than they really are.

24. I used to believe that I could really get to Narnia and my grandmother once caught me in her wardrobe in her basement trying to get there. I’m still not quite convinced that its not real…

25. I have re-read all 7 books of the Chronicles of Narnia each summer since second grade except this summer I didn’t quite get to finish the last one before I left for college because I don’t own all of them… :(

26. I enjoy listening to music that not many people know about. Yeah, I’m a hipster.

27. Classic Disney movies make me quite happy and I quite happily received Beauty and the Beast on DVD for my 19th birthday.

28. Until 6th grade I was super shy and never talked. Now people wish that were the case. :P

29. My absolute favorites movies in this entire world are the Lord of the Rings, and unlike most people I believe they are not nearly long enough.

30. I think that scarves and vests are super nifty.

31. I also enjoy using words that most people don’t use in every day conversation. Example: Nifty (see above)

32. I really hate facial hair on almost everyone. Some people can pull it off but very few… We’re talking Jesus, Santa, Gandalf and Dumbledore here… Not many other people at all..

33. I enjoy randomly breaking out into song, dance and/or movie quotes at any given time.

34. Mexican and Asian food is my favorite.

35. I think that smiling is one of the best things ever. I enjoy looking at people smile. It makes me smile. :)

36. I think that people who don’t enjoy reading are missing out a lot…

37. I enjoy quoting the Office at all possible times.

38. I enjoy laughing a whole lot and sometimes laugh for no reason.

39. I’m a virgin and I will be until the day I get married. And I’m proud of this. :)

40. I think that penguins and unicorns are the coolest creatures in existence.

41. My best friend Jill became my best friend by coming up, introducing herself and saying “do you want to be my best friend?” My response was “absolutely!” The rest is history.

42. I’m not a dog person at all. I love kitties. People always act like I’ve committed murder when I say I don’t like dogs but its true. I don’t.

43. I think Harry Potter is pretty much the coolest story ever written.

44. I deeply wish that I could attend Hogwarts.

45. I miss being in High School plays, they’re kinda the most fun things ever.

46. I hate when people cuss, it makes me sad.

47. The smell of books is my favorite smell in this world despite how many people laugh at me for saying that.

48. I’m left handed.

49. I’ve never broken a bone.

50. God is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes I don’t focus on Him as much as I should but I’m getting better at it. :)

Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought.. And kudos to anyone who read the entire thing through, I shall now give you a cyber high-five. :)

Also an extra one, I just found a button in my ranch dressing…. :/


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

9 responses to “Random things about myself”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    I agree with # 39
    #17 & 19 are pure me…
    I feel the same way about Dr. Pepper…and even now—exclamation points are always trying to enter every piece o dialogue I write.


  2. Krysti says :

    i don’t know who you are or where you’re from but you pretty much just my day (or night, rather, for it’s almost m

  3. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    great facts – we have loads in common as you know. I love Christmas too, I’m a big kid!

  4. Ipodman says :

    What Asian food do you like? o,O

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