Movies are NEVER as good as the book!

For a long , time now I’ve usually dreaded watching movie adaptions of books I’ve loved, they very follow the book correctly and usually add a bunch of crap. Sometimes they get it better than others (Lord of the Rings for example) and some just leave me questioning whether they even read the book! Some, like Harry Potter for instance still is amazing but in some spots doesn’t follow the book exactly. The main movie I’m thinking of currently, are the three Narnia movie. Now, the first one was brilliant and almost completely true to the book. The second one was alright but definitely strayed from the book with the whole Susan/Caspian romance thing. I mean, they were like a thousand years apart… That was ridiculous! Now the third one. Oh gosh, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I was expecting a lot out of this movie because it was always my favorite book in the series (Which by the way I have re-read every single book of each summer since I was in 2nd grade, they’re amazing!) and I was really hoping they’d stay true to it. I finally got the chance to watch it last night and it was horrible. Not only were the graphics somewhat shoddy but it’s like they didn’t even read the book! I mean really, it was almost like they found a few pages of the book scattered around one day and picked them up and put them in a random order. There was a LOT of story missing, a lot of story added and NONE of it was in the right order! I was heartbroken watching it. As someone who has been absolutely in love with Narnia since the second grade, I was beyond thrilled when they first announced they were making the books into movies. Now however I’m just extremely disappointed and left wanting so much more. I didn’t feel the magic I’ve always experienced, I didn’t connect to the characters very well and my favorite parts of the book were made into crap.
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10 responses to “Movies are NEVER as good as the book!”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    I agree—they are always–well…almost always, a let down


  2. Ipodman says :

    Hmm. I love the first Narnia movie, but the second and third movies were not good… I have only read the books for Lion and Dawn Treader, I think Lion is still my fav:D

  3. Vix @ LittleMissEverything says :

    I haven’t read read the Narnina books so I’ve enjoyed all 3 films. I think Lord of the Ring, HP and Twilight have done well with their adaptations, it’s always going to be a different experience. I’d always rather read the book first though. I’m looking forward to see what they do with The Hunger Games!

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      That’s good! I feel like I probably would have enjoyed them a lot more if I hadn’t read the books but I always prefer reading the book to watching the movies! :) Oh I can’t wait to watch the Hunger Games either! I hope it’ll be good!

      • Triforce says :

        Which books did you read? I didn’t know it for a long time but we have a very old collection that has a white cover and hand drawn pictures in paper back:

        I went to Borders a few years ago after the movies came out and I was surprised there were new book adaptions with pictures from the movies in them and I realize how outdated our collection was.

  4. Triforce says :

    Please excuse any faulty English okay?

    I enjoyed the books better then the movies however on a grey winter day when you want some scenery the first two films are very good…….. unless you watch the first during Christmas. :)

    Dawn Treader missed a LOT of important scenes that were in the book: such as when Eustace Scrubb turned into a dragon which at first the Dawn Treader crew didn’t recognize him until they told him to nod his head if he was Eustace then the dragon cried:

    The reason he turned into a dragon in the first place was due to him exploring alone then finding a treasure cave which he put on a bracelet falling into a deep sleep:
    Eventually Aslan had him do to some sort of ritual to get himself back in his true form and he was a sadder but wiser person after that and the movie skipped that part making me SO mad!

    It was a serious situation and would’ve made even the most hardened person fight back tears:

    Another important scene that was gone was where the crew found an island with a bunch of people invisible who didn’t know they were invisible then Lucy found a spell book freeing them of their curse and something happened before the spell book part but I cannot remember!
    The movie showed Lucy with the spell book but nothing like the actual book adaption:

    If you didn’t read the books then why bother posting here? This site is about movies not being as good as books not movies being as good as books.

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