My top 25 favorite bands (or just singers)

Ok so as I’ve said before, music is pretty much my life! It doesn’t really matter what kind, as long as it’s not country or rap (or Justin Beiber!) but I just love music. So, for today’s post, I’m going to post my top 25 favorite bands/musicians. :)

1. Panic! At the Disco – I just love them, they’re absolutely amazing! Though I’m sad that Ryan and John left now but Brendon and Spencer are still amazing.
Favorite Song: Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met), Sarah Smiles or When the Day Met the Night

2. You Me at Six – They’re not a very well known band but I absolutely love them. I listen to them ALL the time, seriously if I had to pick one band to listen to for the rest of my life, they would probably be it. They pretty much tie with Panic! for my all time favorite band. :)
Favorite Song: Playing the Blame Game

3. Fall Out Boy – Even though they’ve been broken up for a while now, they will always be one of my favorites. They’re just so good!
Favorite Song: Thnks fr th Mmrs

4. NeverShoutNever – Technically this is just one guy and not an actual band as the title may suggest but he’s absolutely amazing! I love Christofer Drew Ingle. :)
Favorite Song: First Dance

5. Breathe Carolina – There’s something about this band that just makes me so absolutely happy inside. I love them!
Favorite Song: Velvet

6. Regina Spektor – The perfect indie/hipster singer. Amazing.
Favorite Song: Us

7. Vampire Weekend – Again, perfect hipster/indie band. They make me happy. :)
Favorite Song: The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

8. Mayday Parade – One of my friends introduced me to them a few years back and immediately I fell in love with their songs!
Favorite Song: Black Cat

9. Temper Trap – I first heard their song Sweet Disposition on a Diet Coke commercial and later on the movie (500) Days of Summer and absolutely fell in love. I don’t know of any other band that sounds like them!
Favorite Song: Sweet Disposition

10. The Ready Set – Also not a band but just a guy, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy discovered him and he is amazing!
Favorite Song: Love Like Woe

11. Bishop Allen – Another hipster/indie band that is all kinds of wonderful!
Favorite Song: The News From Your Bed or Click, Click, Click, Click

12. McFly – I don’t actually know a lot of their songs but I first heard about them from the Lindsay Lohan movie Just My Luck. I wasn’t actually a huge fan of the movie but I LOVE the band! They’re amazing!
Favorite Song: I’ve Got You

13. Skillet – A Christian Rock band that started quite a while ago but I first fell in love with them when their cd “Comatose” came out. It’s one of the only CDs that I like all of it, there’s not one song on there I don’t like. Brilliant, brilliant band!
Favorite Song: Those Nights

14. Emery – A little more hardcore than more of the stuff I listen to now but I absolutely adore them (Wow, I’ve realized through typing this that I say absolutely a lot…) All of their stuff is just so great!
Favorite Song: Listening to Freddy Mercury

15. Anberlin – Another great Christian rock band. I haven’t listened to most of their stuff but they’re so good!
Favorite Song: Audrey, Start the Revolution

16. Passion Pit – Definitely different than most bands I’ve ever heard of but I was introduced to them at church camp a few years ago. They’re brilliant.
Favorite Song: Sleepyhead

17. All Time Low – Another one that I was introduced to by one of my best friends. They’re amazing.
Favorite Song: Dear Maria, Count Me In

18. Chameleon Circuit – Here is part of my nerdiness coming out again. This is definitely a British “trock” band that makes songs about Doctor Who. I don’t care what everyone thinks, they’re an amazing band. :)
Favorite Song: Exterminate Regenerate, Don’t Blink, Doctor What, The Big Bang 2

19. Matt and Kim – Super hipster/indie and outstandingly amazing!
Favorite Song: Turn This Boat Around

20. Florence and the Machine – Again I don’t know a whole lot of their songs but I love what I’ve heard!
Favorite Song: The Dog Days are Over

21. MGMT – A different sound than I’ve ever heard but amazing nonetheless.
Favorite Song: Kids and Electric Feel

22. Muse – I actually don’t own any of their songs but listening to my friends iPods and such I’ve fallen in love with them.
Favorite Song: Supermassive Black Hole

23. Buddy Holly – An oldie but a goodie as they say. I love him!
Favorite Song: Everyday

24. The Beatles – Another old one but oh so good!
Favorite Song: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

25. Charlie McDonnell. Yes, he is a British, YouTubing 20 year old but he is still super amazing and writes hilarious songs.
Favorite Song: A Song About Love (but you should also check out A Song About Acne, it’s hilarious!)

A few bands I love but I don’t know enough of their songs to list here:
A Fine Frenzy – Check out Electric Twist
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work Out
Mumford and Sons – The Cave
Mumma-Ra – She’s Got You High
Wolfmother – Vagabond


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13 responses to “My top 25 favorite bands (or just singers)”

  1. Ipodman says :

    Never heard of most of these things…lol, but I do like Fall out Boys, I think they are the best band in a long time tbh :D

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Yeah I listen to a lot of bands that no ones heard of :) But yes, Fall Out Boy is absolutely outstanding! :)

      • Ipodman says :

        Yes. It’s a pity they have broken up… they had lots of gimmicks but also lots of substance, and I liked their unspoken rivalry with My Chemical Romance haha

      • elvishjesusfreak says :

        Indeed it is! But Patrick Stump has a new solo album and it’s really good and Pete Wentz is in a new band called the Black Cards that is just fantastic! :)
        And yes I liked that too!

  2. Ipodman says :

    I didn’t know Pete Wentz was onto some new stuff… nowadays there doesnt seem to be anymore rock bands around… now it’s more of disco partyin ladies

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Oh so true! And all that techno/disco stuff is annoying! I want rock bands back! Pete Wentz’s new band is good but doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s got a girl lead singer… It’s good though!

  3. jgavinallan says :

    Tong Hua—Michael kong leung—check it out on youtube—greatest song ever…video is one of best…
    hint: have a box of kleenex next to you


  4. vixter2010 says :

    Love reading your list! I didn’t pciture you as a Mcfly fan :)

  5. ingrid says :

    i love this list so much, because i happen to like every one of these bands. i thought i was the only one who knew these people :D

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