One of the best books I’ve ever read

I don’t think I’ve ever done a book review on here which is really kind of sad since reading is sort of my life, I usually read about 4 books a week (Since I got a computer that number has drastically lowered though… I get so distracted!). Reading is just the best, I know I have mentioned briefly how I love how a book can take you anywhere, through any adventures, way more than a movie can because it takes your imagination more. Anyways, today I just finished reading the book, “Unlocked” by the wonderful author Karen Kingsbury. For as many books as I read, its hard to pin down one favorite author but she is definitely in my top five favorites, her books are just so meaningful and touching, I feel like every single one of them has changed my life for the better. Anyways, about this book, a summary I found online describes it this way, “New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury presents Unlocked: A Love Story. Holden Harris is an autistic eighteen-year-old who is bullied at school. Ella Reynolds is the head cheerleader who befriends Holden but has problems of her own at home. In her trademark way, Kingsbury tackles real-life issues of high school bullying, autism, and ultimately acceptance.” This summary is basically what happened in the book but comes nowhere close to describing the emotions the book brings out in the reader, I literally had tears streaming down my face at several points during the story. It was beautifully written as all of hers are and even though I’ve made it a point for quite some time now to be openly very accepting of everyone and to make everyone I can feel loved and cared for, this book made me want to focus on doing that even more. I think that everyone should read this book so they can see how amazing it is! It truly shows real love and acceptance and how God wants us all to live. Beautiful, beautiful book. The story also talks a lot about how music can change lives and have a huge impact in helping people. Another thing it showed was the dangers of bullying and how terrible it can make people feel.
Hope ♥

Proverbs 16:24 ~ Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.


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6 responses to “One of the best books I’ve ever read”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    You sold me…I will look for it.
    Your description is worthy of a magazine review.

    lovely—-and interesting


  2. Posky says :

    I’ve never heard of it but I’ll likely investigate it further. Typically, I don’t like books set in high school about teenagers (even I was one) but I’m curious as do the content in this book based off the issues she takes on.

  3. vixter2010 says :

    Not heard of this one but I’ll check it out, love book recommendations and love young adult ones!

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