Great Mother of Moffat! River Song is… (Spoilers)

Today as some of you know was the Mid-Season finale of Doctor Who. And as expected, Steven Moffat kept us on our toes til the very end. It was revealed quite a while ago that the identity of River Song would be revealed in the last minutes of today’s episode and for months now everyone on Tumblr and the rest of the internet has been guessing what that identity was.

Today’s episode was absolutely brilliant as always but I’m a bit sad to say that I actually figured out the identity of River before the episode even aired. Thanks to Tumblr, I knew that Rory and Amy’s baby was named Melody Pond and it wasn’t that big of a leap from Melody Pond to River Song, also, the quote from “The Doctor’s Wife” episode where Idris/TARDIS said “The only water in the forest is the River.” So, yeah, I guessed that River was Amy’s daughter but still, I feel like Moffat has a lot more up his sleeve for the second part of the episode airing in September. (I can’t wait that long!!!) I feel sort of like he’s lulled us into a sense of security and he’ll rip us right back out of is as he always does. But I love that he does that, he’s the biggest troll ever but he’s absolutely amazing because of it! He always keeps us guessing and when we think we have everything figured out, BAM! He completely changes the plot. It’s wonderful. But yeah, I just wanted to write about the episode seeing how it was kind of a big deal and I’m quite obsessed. If any of you have any thoughts/opinions about the episode, I would LOVE to hear them!

Hope ♥

It’s your daughter’s name in the language of the forest. Except they don’t have a word for pond because the only water in the forest is the river. The Doctor will find your daughter and he will care for her, whatever it takes. And I know that. It’s me. I’m Melody. I’m your daughter.

P.S. Heres the only thing we have about the next episode besides the title… :(erH-6vd8C5o


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10 responses to “Great Mother of Moffat! River Song is… (Spoilers)”

  1. jgavinallan says :

    I can’t see this one—or new ones.
    I saw the Tom Baker ones…I saw one when he goes to modern Paris…and Mona Lisa…and one with Egypt mummies that are from outer space or somewhere on Mars.


  2. Mory Buckman says :

    I think it’s interesting that the Doctor reacted to the writing on his old crib, rather than the stitching. What could possibly be there that would tell him who she is? My guess? What’s written is his full lineage, going back to the first Time Lord, which is her. How poetic would it be if it turned out this out-of-order time travel romance were actually between the first Time Lord and the last Time Lord, and they were together the Adam and Eve of all of Gallifrey?

  3. Vixter2010 says :

    I just watched it, loved it! He’s a bit old for her lol :) can’t wait for the rest of the series :)

  4. Katherine says :

    I’m just confused…. From the way River was so ‘scared’ of the dr finding out who she was (previous episodes) this seems like too happy an ending…??

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Oh I know! I thought that too but I feel like Moffat was just lulling us into a sense of security about it and in future episodes he’s gonna completely confuse us again!

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