Calling all Doctor Who fans (Spoilers!)

Ok, so as most if not all of you know, I’m quite obsessed with the British sci-fi show, “Doctor Who”. It is legitimately, without a doubt my all time favorite TV show! I think it’s just absolutely brilliant.
So anyways, what I’m wondering now, is what any Doctor Who fans currently think of whats going on. Any theories about whats going on? I have a couple that I’ve found and I think they’re pretty good. Here are some that I think seem pretty legit! If any of you have some, I would LOVE to hear them!

– First off, the whole “Silence will fall” thing, I think it’s a bit deeper than the Silence being monsters. I feel like the “silence” could stand for silence as in death, like possibly the death of the Doctor perhaps?

– I also think that Amy has been Flesh Amy since in between “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon”, or possibly when she was in the orphanage and all the time passed by when she was in the room with the Silence on the ceiling. I also think that the Silence took her and somehow found some Timelord DNA and impregnated her with it, thus creating the Timelord/Regenerating child from “Day of the Moon”

– There’s also a possibility that Amy’s baby is River. I kinda think that one a bit, a lot more recently because thanks to Tumblr I heard a rumor that Amy’s baby is named Melody Pond. Coincidence? I think not…

– River first shows up in the episode “Silence in the Library” which Moffat also wrote. So far, Moffat hasn’t seemed to big into coincidences but it that just a coincidence or does it mean something? Also, the spacesuits in that episode are of course reminiscent of “The Impossible Astronaut” spacesuit and with Amy speaking through the communicator I can’t help but wonder if those are connected…

– This isn’t exactly a theory but in the episode “The Lodger” in season 5, the TARDIS looking control-ish thing from the “Timey Wimey” second floor that didn’t exist, is most definitely the same control-ish thing from “Day of the Moon.” I don’t know what this means… I wish I did.

– I wish I had more theories that were believable about River, I’m so unbelievably confused about her character. I can’t WAIT to find out who she is!

– The only theory I have about River is that she’s some sort of Timelord somehow. I just don’t know how….

– Last theory I’ll touch on here is one that at first seems completely ridiculous but with Doctor Who, and with Moffat writing, it almost makes sense. Though a bit less so after yesterdays episode. I still think it’s a cool theory though! And this one I found on Tumblr so I’ll just copy and paste the theory I found there here! :) “What if the baby is Amy and the reason why it keeps showing her as simultaneously pregnant and not pregnant is because it should be impossible for her to give birth to herself? BECAUSE
that kid totally looks around the same age as Amy was when the Doctor first met her, and if that crack was in her wall the whole time—it’s possible that she went through the crack to begin with, and that she didn’t actually have parents—but then when the crack got fixed, time got rewritten to the degree where it had to invent her parents to make her existence in that universe make sense!” The weird thing about this theory is, Amy Pond is The Girl Who Didn’t Make Sense. I thought that theory was super brilliant and kinda wonderful.

Ok, that’s the end of my theories but I just have to say that I love The Doctor, Rory and Amy. Rory and Amy are literally the cutest couple of my life. He waited 2,000 years for her which is super adorable! :) I love them so much.

Ok, that’s all. Goodnight!
Hope ♥


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  1. jgavinallan says :


    I have no idea what you wrote about. I looked it up. It seems like a nice show. My roommate uses netflix. What should we order to catch up on this exciting show?


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