A Short, Political Rant

Ok so today I’m going to go on a rant about today’s media. Almost all forms of media in our country at least are uber liberal. They’ve given up on even claiming to be fair and balanced, they are all the way, all the time hard-core liberal and as a conservative, American, I’m frankly quite tired of it. I’m not trying to get all political here today but I wish that more forms of media would at least be fair. It seems like almost every celebrity is quite liberal in their political views and almost all the major news networks are very openly liberal. The only one that is even close to fair and balanced is Fox News. I know by saying that I might offend some people or what not but I quite frankly love Fox News. They actually tell the truth of what’s going on and despite public opinion they are very fair and balanced, not just conservative based. Yes, some of the hosts of their shows are openly for the Tea Party Movement (as I am) and are conservative but for everyone of those people, they make sure to have a liberal point of view as well. I wish that a lot more forms of media were like that.
Ok, I’m done with my short political rant now. Please enjoy this humorous Doctor Who picture! (It’s referencing Mean Girls by the way if you haven’t seen it!) :)

Hope ♥


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