I hate chick flicks.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I’m by no means a normal girl. Unlike most girls, I really do not like chick flick movies. I’ve never really gotten into the whole super sappy, cheesy romance thing. I’ll watch them on occasion if they’re super funny and I’ve enjoyed some in the past like “Hitch”, “The Proposal” and “Miss Congeniality” but as a whole I really try to avoid them. Part of this I think is because they’re just so super unrealistic, I

Part of my DVD collection - FYI, the Titanic DVD is for my roommate... Hate that movie

mean, let’s face it, as much as I wish it weren’t true, very rarely does the girl get the guy they want in real life. It just doesn’t happen. But another reason I don’t like them is I just think they’re cheesy and way to sappy. I’m just not into all of that. I would MUCH rather watch an action movie or a fantasy movie. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight – That’s the kind of movie I’d like to be watching! :)
Well, this was a short post but that’s all I got for today!
Hope ♥


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6 responses to “I hate chick flicks.”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says :

    What prompted this? Just curious! You might enjoy Bridesmaids, FWIW. It’s like a female Hangover-meets-I-Love-You-Man, and all awesome.

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Um, I’m not exactly sure what prompted the post actually… The thought just popped in my head today but I’ve had the feeling for a while. And actually I did want to see that, mostly because I LOOOOVE Kristin Wiig from Saturday Night Love! I’m glad to hear its so awesome! :)

  2. vixter2010 says :

    Ah I love a good chick flick, a bit of a hopeless romantic but they are unrealistic for sure and I also like fantasy films! I also own Spiderman :)

  3. Ipodman says :

    Wow awesome DVD collection! All 6 Star Wars movies O.O Even I don’t have that! lol

    Makes me wanna post my DVD collection too… maybe one day… haha

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