Dear Sun, please be nicer to my skin.

First off let me say, that as of yesterday I have had this blog for a full year! A full year and 5,066 all-time views! Thanks to everyone who ever reads this! I really appreciate it!

Hannah, Me, Shelby and Denise

4 days left and I am out of here! It’ll be officially summer and I can go home. Granted, I actually would rather stay here as I think I have more fun here than I will during the summer since I’ll have to find a job and such but still, it’ll be nice to be where I can see my friends at home

Olivia, Alex and Me

and my family.
Today I did almost nothing productive, schoolwork/studying wise I did nothing productive (My finals aren’t til

Shelby, Alex and Myself

Thursday) but I did get most of my stuff all packed up which is good I suppose. :) After some packing and some watching of Gilmore Girls, Shelby, Denise, Alex and I (And some other friends) went outside to

Alex and Me doing my Jim Halpert from the Office face

lay out in the beautiful weather! It was perfectly warm (97 to be exact) and was just the right amount of windy so that lying out in it was splendid! Unfortunately, do to the abnormally Alex, Me and Oliviapale skin that I was born with, this was not a good idea. At least not a good idea for two hours… It felt lovely while I was out there but after coming back inside and taking a shower (and having the water go out while I was in the shower) I realized that I have a

Shelby, Alex and I

terribly bad sunburn. Yep, my legs and my back/shoulders quite resembles a lobster right now I’m afraid. After 19 years, I really should’ve learned by now that I will never be tan and the sun will never be nice to be. All well. Hopefully soon I will not be in pain because of it and perhaps it’ll eventually turn into a tan. For once.

Me and Shelby showing our love :)

Anyways, this weekend finished off quite well as well. Yesterday I went to church and then hung out with Shelby, Alex and Denise. For dinner our dorm floor had a banquet where we had some delicious pasta and then took a lot of pictures perfectly describing all of our friendships. Ah, I’m gonna miss those girls. Especially Shelby and Alex. We’re like 3 peas in a pod. But really, all of my floor is really great. Great group of girls. :)
I hope you all had a great weekend too!
Hope ♥

Olivia, Alex, Kendra, Me, Denise and Shelby


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2 responses to “Dear Sun, please be nicer to my skin.”

  1. vixter2010 says :

    Sounds fun, lovely to hear you all get on so well. You should be wearing sun cream missy! Hope the redness goes down :)

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