Ok, sorry again for such a late post and it will be kinda short but I wanted to bring this subject up. Yesterday in my English class where we really had nothing to talk about since it’s so close to the end of the year but we still had to go to anyways, my teacher brought an article about Alien Abductions. It was a girl who wrote about how she knew she had been abducted several instances from the time she was a small child to the time she was in her 20s or 30s. The proof she had of this was that she sometimes woke up in different places than when she went to bed and often woke up with bruises or with her clothes on backwards. I know a lot of people believe this and I’m not saying it’s NOT possible but I am just a huge skeptic about all this. And trust me, I WANT it to be true, I want it to be true like nothing else. I mean, come on! I’m the obsessive Doctor Who fangirl here! Yet in my class of 20 some people, I was one of 3 who was even slightly skeptical about this! Everyone else was like “Oh yeah, this is totally plausible! I totally believe this!” Call me crazy here but let’s think logically about this, who’s to say she wasn’t sleepwalking? That would explain waking up somewhere she didn’t remember going to and would definitely explain the bruises. Obviously if you’re asleep you’re not going to know exactly where you’re going and thus run into things and get bruises! And even if that didn’t explain the bruises, who hasn’t woken up from time to time with bruises they don’t know how they got there? The reason I’m most skeptical of this ladies story and most alien abduction stories is this: If you were being abducted, you would WAKE UP! You can’t just sleep through an abduction! You would remember SOMETHING! Even if for the sake of argument aliens do exist and they do have the technology of mind erasing or whatever, you would remember something, even slightly! I really don’t understand why more people weren’t skeptical of this story, I wish I knew where to find the link and have you all read it for yourselves. It was a lovely story, wonderful in fact but that was the problem. It was a perfect story, had a nice little perfect ending and all. And there were way to many holes in her story for it to make sense. So, at least for this story, I do not believe it happened. Though, as I said, I would LOVE to find out there was other life out there but I just don’t know. But if there is, that’s one step closer to proving the Doctor is real! ;)
What do all of you think of aliens? Am I the only cynical, skeptical one about them? Give me your thoughts!
Hope ♥
P.S. New Doctor Who in only a few hours!!


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2 responses to “Aliens?”

  1. Vixter2010 says :

    Does sound like she was sleep walking but sometimes I think the universe is sooo huge maybe there us other life out there somewhere. Who knows! And of course the Doctor is real :)

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