The silence is coming. (Doctor Who season 6 on Saturday!)

Hello all! So this is going to be a very short post but up til now I hadn’t gotten to write today! I had a lot of homework and then went to work so that’s why I’m posting so late. Work went well, I actually got out at like 10:45 instead of 11:45 today so that was brilliant and made me quite excited! The rest of the day was alright, I didn’t really do anything exciting but tomorrow I’m going home! I’m super excited! :) I haven’t gotten to go home since Spring Break a month ago so it’ll be good to see my family and friends again. Plus it’s Easter and I’ll get to celebrate with my family! :) It’ll be a fantastic weekend! 3 classes to go then I can go home. And of course, I’m ecstatic that Doctor Who is premiering on Saturday. I’ve gone a whole week without any episodes to watch! Yes, I realize that sounds super pathetic and that’s who most people have to do it but I’d been watching at least two episodes a day for over a month so this is a big deal for me. Unfortunately, the first episode is a two parter, and someone is supposed to die! :( But it looks super good! We’ll finally get to find out who River Song is this season! Any guesses? Some rumors are going around saying that she’s Amy and Rory’s daughter, which I suppose is slightly plausible but I don’t know. More plausible than others I’ve heard… I heard one that said she was really Captain Jack in a wig, um, really? That doesn’t even sound remotely possible.. but whatever I guess…

Oh! I do have two stories from today. First one, in honor of Earth day or whatever, our dining hall decided to go without trays for our food. WORST. IDEA. EVER. ALL this accomplished was me having to take several trips to and from my table, me burning my hand on my tea mug and me getting guacamole on my chocolate chip cookie. It was quite saddening and I deeply hope they never do that again!

Second story, this one is much more entertaining. So, everyday at work, this guy comes in at 4:30 and buys one order of French Fries and 8 pieces of Bacon. Strange or awesome? I can’t decide. :)

That’s all for tonight!

Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “The silence is coming. (Doctor Who season 6 on Saturday!)”

  1. Vixter2010 says :

    Yay Easter! Have a lovely time. And Doctor Who woo! I think she’s his wife but that might be too straightforward and I think she will die. Bacon is awesome :)

  2. elvishjesusfreak says :

    Thank you! I will! :) That’s what I originally thought but I almost feel that with Moffat that’s too obvious. And I definitely think she’ll die or Rory! But I don’t want Rory to die. :(

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