It’s almost summer, but please keep your clothes on.

As I promised yesterday, today my post will actually be meaningful instead of the pointless posts I’ve been writing as of late! :) Wednesday night at Bible study, we went through some more of the “More Beautiful You” book and as always, it was a wonderful lesson! The beginning of the lesson said something that really made me stop and think, “One of the greatest fears a human heart can harbor is the fear of not being loved. Our culture is capitalizing on that fear and using it to manipulate our lives.” I thought that was super good because it’s so true! I mean, I know at least for me that really is one of my biggest fears, everyday I think and wonder if someday I will find someone who loves me. I truly believe with my whole heart that God has someone for me but sometimes it’s so hard to remember that! Our society really does use that to it’s advantage though, because of that fear it’s made us all so crazy about making sure we have the latest fashion, the coolest makeup and who knows what else to make us beautiful and therefore “lovable”. The book goes onto saying how many times our need for love is so important to all of us that it becomes somewhat of a heated competition and sometimes in that competition it can make girls try to seduce people with the hopes that they’ll find us attractive and fall in love with us. Due to this, some girls feel the need to wear less and less clothing to make themselves try to be beautiful for guys. According the book some manufacturers have started making sexy lingerie for pre-teen girls! I don’t know about you but that strikes me as terrible! After this, the book says that according to the Bible dressing so provocatively is wrong is God’s eyes. In 1 Corinthian 10:31-32 it says we need to do everything for the Glory of God and God says “Do not cause anyone to stumble” wearing such clothes could certainly cause people to stumble though and I don’t even think most girls realize what they’re doing! But, if they really stopped to think about it, by dressing that way, they’re basically telling guys they’ll do anything for their love, that they’ll give it all the way. I definitely think thats the wrong message to give to guys, I know I personally don’t want to send that message so I try to be very aware of what I put on so I don’t get attention for the wrong reason or cause anyone to stumble. Besides, if we don’t dress that way, we can be sure that guys love us for us and not for our bodies!


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

4 responses to “It’s almost summer, but please keep your clothes on.”

  1. Vixter2010 says :

    We def need to work on seeing beauty on the inside!

  2. Elizabeth Mitchell (: says :

    Great post Hope! Well said, I agree completely. (:

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