Nerd? Or just average?

Ok, so as any of you who have read my blog in the past could probably guess, I am a huge nerd. Some people laugh at me for my nerdiness however I am quite proud of it. I see nothing wrong with it in the slightest, if people want to laugh at me for it, they can go right on ahead and do so! But I will contently enjoy my nerdy pleasures.
How am I a nerd you ask? Well, I can pretty much tell you anything about Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and/or Harry Potter that you would ever like to know. (Or as the case may be, not like to know so much.) I enjoy listening to classic Disney songs and watching Disney movies at any time. I also enjoy coloring in coloring books. My latest nerdy obsession of course is Doctor Who, which I obviously find completely brilliant. In addition to that, I have also found a love of Trock music, which is of course Time Lord Rock, a genre of music formed from Doctor Who. It’s brilliant! :)
So, perhaps I really am a nerd, but perhaps, my life is just average. :)
If you haven’t, please check out: and you’ll understand!
Hope ♥
P.S. Sorry for such a random post :)


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10 responses to “Nerd? Or just average?”

  1. Vixter2010 says :

    Def embrace the nerdness and I shall join you! Yay to all those things / HP, Star Wars, Disney and Doctor Who!! Cool pic too :)

  2. Joshua Witsaman says :

    From one nerd to another keep it up and beware other chicks trying to bring you down, from my limited experience that seems to be a lady nerds biggest problem. May I suggest the series Babylon 5, if you don’t know it already? I’m on a big B5 kick and am trying to do my best to reinvigorate the fanbase for that show. That is all!

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Hey thanks for your comment! And oh I will, I’d rather hang out with other lady nerds anyways than with those people who try to bring me down! As I said, I’m quite proud of who I am! :) And I haven’t heard of it but I shall definitely check it out!

  3. Ipodman says :

    Cool photo! :)

    Do you like Star Trek? O.O

  4. Ipodman says :

    Cool! I think it will be very difficult to find “the next Harry Potter” since the final Harry Potter movie is going to come and go very soon…

    And I should really pick up those LOTR books one day, hmm. The size of those things scare me tho, haha :/

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