One Day Without Shoes

Today is TOMS shoes international One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness for children around the world who don’t have any shoes to wear. I think it’s a pretty cool idea and have been going without shoes for most of the day! Unfortunately, my second day of work starts in an hour and of course I’ll have to put some shoes on then :) If you don’t know about the event though I encourage you all to check out their website! It’s a brilliant idea!

The rest of my day has been pretty normal, got up, went to breakfast, went back to bed for a bit then got up and went to class. I’m currently watching a movie called Secret Smile that has David Tennant in it, it’s a REALLY good movie so far but he plays the creepiest character I’ve ever seen in my life! Just goes to show what a brilliant actor he is though! And of course I’m pretty much a complete David Tennant fan girl by this point. :) Which reminds me, last night we finished season 4 of Doctor Who! Now all we have to watch is the specials that go between 4 and 5 and then start and finish 5. :) I’m pretty excited about it!
Hope you’re all having a lovely day!
Hope ♥


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3 responses to “One Day Without Shoes”

  1. vixter2010 says :

    He’s good in HP too :)

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