Michael and Holly are the best!

Last night was a new episode of the Office, finally, after three weeks of not having an episode, I was a bit excited. It ended up being without a doubt the sweetest episode ever! Who knew that Michael Scott could be so romantic?
I’ve been watching the Office for several years and it’s without a doubt one of my favorite shows! It’s brilliantly written, hilarious and has amazing actors! Obviously since I am such a fan, I was quite upset to find out that Steve Carell was planning on leaving the show after this season. Michael Scott makes the Office, what concerns me the most about this though is that they’re planning on continuing the show without him, I’m just not sure how that’s going to work out. I will of course still watch it but I don’t anticipate it being nearly as good! There’s been talk about Will Ferell replacing Carell and if that happens I’m not sure I would continue. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of Ferell but my main problem is he has a significantly different type of humor than the Office has. More recently however it has come out that Will Arnett might be joining the cast, that would make my life. Not even kidding. I love Will Arnett, while no one can quite replace Steve Carell, Will Arnett could come close.
Moral to the story, I look forward to seeing how they continue the show and hopefully it’ll be good. :)
For now, I look forward to seeing the rest of this current season!
Hope ♥


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4 responses to “Michael and Holly are the best!”

  1. vixter2010 says :

    I don’t watch that one but Will Arnett is hilarious in 30 Rock so I can imagine he’d be good!

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