Is it bad that I’m falling in love with someone I’ve never met?

Because I think I am. Yep, that probably sounds creepy. I realize that but I really like Charlie McDonnell. Ok, love is too strong a word definitely since I don’t know him and he has no idea I exist but for real. I like this guy a lot… I had a dream the other day that when I moved to England (which in my dream was sometime next year…) I just like ran into him one day and we just clicked and became good friends. We hang out all the time and it was great fun. Then we sorta just fell in love. Sappy, yes, I realize that. Creepy? Quite possibly… but I like to think not! ;) Too bad that won’t happen… but I really wish it would! But I mean, if we did ever meet, I feel like we would be good friends! We’re a whole lot a like! Loving Doctor Who, neither of us drink or smoke and he’s super cute and funny and sweet. :) It would be great. *Cough* I’m done now.
Ok, this was a really ridiculous post and made me seem a bit of a stalker but whatever, I’m really not I promise!
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

8 responses to “Is it bad that I’m falling in love with someone I’ve never met?”

  1. Pattie says :

    haha wooooowwww! i used to be obsessesed with charlie too lol. That was back when i started watching his vids. Now my obsession has died down lol. even loved chamelion circuit songs, and that sons of admirals cover.

  2. Sarah Nicole says :

    its okay, i stalk people on youtube that dont know i exist either ;P

  3. Irene Kaeun Kim (@IreneKaeunKim) says :

    im really glad i’m not only the one who ‘loves’ charlie mcdonnell soooo much like seriously uknow..

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