Weekend Fun

It turns out I do have a bit of time after the movie to write, so here I am. Turns out, Tangled is even better the second time. I love it so much! One of the best movies of all time! And even better in a completely full theater with people laughing at everything! Oddly everyone laughed at the sad scene but it was so great! And can I just say, I really want to own a very sassy chameleon! :)

Another random thought here about something that happened tonight, at supper I was told that I was like an anemic puppy that was to cute and nice to say no to. I’m just not sure how I feel about that… I think it was a compliment but am I really that fragile that people won’t say no to me? Hmm… I don’t know… I do know however that I’m picking up a bit of a sassy, blunt side from my friends here. Which is good I think, it’s not rude I just have always needed to be more blunt, so yeah, that’s fun.

For the end of my post, here are some stories of things that have happened to me recently that are highly entertaining. Some are awkward things, some are just entertaining. Please enjoy!

Awkward Things:
– Sometimes, I’m just walking around campus, back to my dorm, listening to my mp3 player when I get to a really good part in the song and without realizing it at first just sorta maybe, belted out some of my song. At that time of course some guy walked out of the building in front of me. We made eye contact. Yep, it was a bit awkward.
– The past two mornings I have walked out of my room to go to the bathroom when I get up and one of the guys that’s painting our lobby has been walking through the hall. What’s so awkward about this you ask? When I wake up my hair looks similar to something out of a monster movie. No big deal.
– This ice on the ground is very slippery. Enough said.
Entertaining Things:
– People riding unicycles all over campus everyday.
– Painter in our lobby randomly dancing.
– Random like 85-year-old guy dancing and snapping along walking in the blizzard yesterday singing at the top of his lungs, “Forget You” by Ceelo. Made my day.
– Everything that happens at all of our floor dinners. :)


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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