A Truly Enchanting Evening

“Dance with God, He’ll let the perfect man cut in.” ~ Anonymous

“Make love our aim.” ~ Bob and Mary Taussig

Tonight I went to a Valentine’s Day banquet for Navigators, the college Bible study I attend. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, I went a lot for the desert because I really am not fond of Valentine’s Day and I was a bit worried that it was going to be all mushy and make me sad. It was a bit rough at first, I admit to being a bit disappointed that someone was not there but little did I know that today was one of the most enchanting nights of my life.
It started off with us eating dessert, in my case some absolutely outstanding Chocolate Chop Cheesecake and some wonderful tea. Then, this older couple got up to speak, you could tell as soon as they stood up that this was going to be a speech to remember, they were without a doubt the cutest couple I have ever seen, their love for each other was practically radiating off of each other. The first thing out of the man’s mouth (As he held her tightly) was, “I am completely and fully in love with this woman.” Her smile at this statement lit up the room. Even some of the guys in the room teared up at their love for each other. This couple had been married 65 years, have 7 children, 33 grandchildren and 55 great-grandchildren and this was their story. They told the story of how they met in college, in Wheaton, Illinois. He went to that college because he wanted a good Christian education, she confessed that she went to that Christian college because she wanted a good, Christian husband. We all laughed at that and they continued on with their story. Their story in and of itself wasn’t all that memorable but the love they clearly have for one another was, the way they finished each others sentences, lovingly corrected one another, the way she would look over at him and smile and the way he held her the entire hour they spoke. She told us how she met him and immediately wrote her weekly letter to her parents saying, “I met Bob Taussig today. Soon, I will have date with him.” Then the next week she wrote them saying, “I have a date with Bob.” She told us how that continued for a year, her letters saying how she had a date with Bob. At the end of the year, all he said was goodbye because he couldn’t afford to “court her”. Finally, she convinced him to write to her and well, I suppose the rest is history, as I said, their story wasn’t all that memorable but I will never forget this night as long as I live because of their love. Their love was truer, and purer than any story-book romance I’ve ever read. They truly gave me hope. Someday, I will find my Prince Charming. I fill find true love. And it will be more than worth the wait. They talked a bit about how we as Christians are supposed to act with our spouses. Husbands need to honor their wives and treat them with respect and love and wives need to respect their husbands and put them first (After God of course) above all else. They talked about how we need to make love our aim. Mostly, they just talked about love, love for each other and love for God. And it was wonderful. This year for Valentine’s Day when I’m sitting in my dorm trying my best not to be lonely, I will be thinking of them, and holding out for my Prince Charming.
Hope ♥


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