“Everybody loves that food weather!”

Today, for the first time in 30 years, our college has been closed for “inclement winter weather”. Since I hate cold weather, I think this is just wonderful! I don’t have to go outside at all today! (I did though, but that story will be revealed in a moment.) It’s super icy outside, there’s not even snow yet. Though tonight we’re supposed to get 7-9 inches, which makes me hope tomorrow will be cancelled as well though I’m not getting my hopes up.

Because of the amount of ice outside, some of the guys in the dorm across from ours decided to go outside and ice skate on the basketball court in front of our dorms. It was super funny to watch, they were sliding everywhere. About 3 of them were really good at it but the rest failed miserably. It was quite entertaining. After a while of watching them from the window, some of the girls on my floor (most actually) decided to go and try it for themselves. After about 10 minutes of being inside our dorm all by myself, I decided to bundle up and go take some pictures. I was out there for about 5 minutes when tragedy struck. One of my dear friends who had also decided just to go out to watch, had changed her mind and tried to skate down the slope from the basketball court, unfortunately, she lost her balance and ended up hitting her head on the brick. She’s fine now though fortunately! We were all quite worried.

Now, some of us are in my room doing one of my favorite activities, watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Best. Animated. Movie. EVER. I love it so much, it just brings so much joy to my life. What can’t Bill Hader do really? He’s hilarious as Flint Lockwood, General Custer (Night at the Museum 2), Stefon (SNL) and every other thing he’s been on. I love him! He’s so funny. And this movie is just so quotable too. “I wanted to run away that day, but you can’t run away from your own feet.” Pure. Genius.

Well, I suppose that’s all I have to say for today, other than please continue to check out my video blog! And subscribe and comment! :)

Hope ♥



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