Video blogging? For me?

Well, as I have previously mentioned, I have become quite obsessed with watching Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell (AKA Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike) on YouTube. They’re hilarious, cute and British! Really, what more could I ask for, right?

Well anyways, after watching them for a while and absolutely loving their Video Blogs, my friend Alex and I have decided to start one of our own. We filmed today and while at first it seemed like a terrible disaster which mostly included laughter, I think after some rough editing (as I’ve never edited a video before..) we finally got not one but two decent videos. Hopefully they’ll get much better because these two are not great but hopefully they’ll be remotely entertaining. Anyways, my point to this post is you should totally check it out! And tell all your friends as well, I PROMISE it will get better than it currently is! Just have some faith! :) Our YouTube channel is Danceswithpenguins1, if you can’t find us through that heres the link to our first video. Enjoy! And comment!

Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “Video blogging? For me?”

  1. Elizabeth Mitchell (: says :

    I love Charlie and Alex. :3

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