It Ended With I Do – A Short Story

In Junior English, (the HARDEST English class I’ve ever taken in my life) one of our writing assignments was to write a story of our ideal “perfect date”. I was actually pretty happy with how mine turned out and though it’s been two years since I wrote said story, I still feel like it’s one of my best written pieces to date. So, since I have a blog, and blogs are for writing, I decided that maybe I should share it with you.

So, without further ado, here is my ideal perfect date story, “It Ended With I Do”


It ended with I do. That’s what I think of every time I think of my first date. It was the perfect night, I thought to myself, remembering my first date with my husband, John. It was many years ago but I can still remember every detail with perfect clarity. I was so nervous because not only was it my first date with John, who I had been in love with for what seemed like an eternity, but it was my first date ever. I spent forever getting ready, straightening my hair, painting my nails, and going through a million outfits. A little before seven, when he was supposed to pick me up, I was finally ready. Before bounding down the stairs, I took one last look in the mirror. “Perfect,” I thought to myself. When I got downstairs, John had arrived and was talking to my parents in the living room. Looking at my parents, I could tell immediately that they liked him, but then again, what was there not to like? He was a strong Christian, a gentleman who was nice to everyone, had a great sense of humor, and great looking. What more could I ask for? I had been good friends with John for years, but it was only a couple of days before that we found out we both wanted to be more. Seeing him waiting for me left me breathless. I couldn’t believe it, he liked me as more than a friend! I was so excited it almost didn’t seem real! We left shortly after I came downstairs then he took me to dinner and a cute, new animated movie. What we did on our date I realize doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it was to us, two sixteen year olds who just enjoyed talking, and being with each other. It was the perfect night; as perfect as anything in this life can be, everything felt completely magical, like nothing could go wrong! After the movie, he drove to the beach where we walked hand in hand, talking, and taking in the beauty of the scenery. After that, he took me home. I didn’t want it to end, but after that night, we spent time with each other almost every day, at school, church, and in our free time. Then, on my 25th birthday, fifty years ago today, after we were both done with college and ready to move on with the rest of our live, as we were taking a walk in the park, he got down on one knee and proposed. Soon after that we were married, and it has been a miracle ever since. Even now as I look at him I feel the same love for him I felt then, and I know it’s a love from God. It hasn’t all been perfect, nothing ever is, but it’s been close. And it all started with that first, perfect date.


Well, that’s it. The endings a little choppy but tell me what you think of it! I enjoy any helpful criticism! :)

Hope ♥


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