Just Some Life Goals I Have

Though I sort of doubt anyone reading this actually cares what my goals for life are, here they are anyways :) I plan on getting all of these accomplished by the time I die! :) Also, these are in no particular order at all..

– Lead people to Christ

– Get a MLIA published

– Pierce my nose – I got that done! :)

– Get the cartilage of my ear pierced

– Have my honeymoon at Disney World

– Grow my hair out again to my waist

– Dance under the moonlight

– Learn to play guitar

– Go to Europe (especially London)

– Sing on stage with someone

– See a real castle

– Travel the world

– Own a bunny (that will be named Fred, and it will be black)

– Visit Hawaii

– Go to California

– See a show on Broadway

– Be in a NeverShoutNever video

– Become best friends with Christofer Drew

– Go to Disneyland

– See New Zealand

– Meet someone famous

– Touch a penguin (This might seem random but penguins are my favorite animals EVER!!) 

– Have someone write a song about me

– Become a Special Agent for the FBI

– Learn to ballroom dance

– Find a unicorn and sing the unicorn song from Despicable Me to it (Yes I realize this one is somewhat unlikely..)

– Be the best witness for Christ I can be

– Go to Mead’s Coffee House


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About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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