Leggings are NOT pants.

Dear Girls who seem to think leggings are pants,

They’re not. Please stop wearing them as such, you are scarring and disturbing the rest of us.

Sincerely, everyone else.

Yesterday a dear friend of mine and I were talking about something that has bothered me for quite sometime so I decided to write about it here, hoping that maybe more people will read this and stop  this terrible fashion trend. Who decided that it was alright to start wearing leggings as pants? Because they’re really not. I’ve noticed this trend especially since I started college, girls wearing t-shirts, leggings and Ugg boots. Why on earth would someone where that? Do they really think it’s an attractive look? How can people even be comfortable wearing such things? You’re not actually wearing real clothes! Even if you’re super skinny, this is not a flattering look, it doesn’t matter your size on this one: DON’T DO IT. Please, I beg of you, it’s really not pleasant to look at.


Before you get dressed in the morning, please think about what you're wearing.



Well, that’s all my rantings for today, just please, please think about what I said.

Hope ♥


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