Joy is one of the first by-products of knowing Christ. That’s what our pastor talked about today in church. It was a lovely lesson and so true. He talked about how as Christians we should be joyful, joy is what’s most important in our lives. I mean, the truth is important too but people can see the truth and recognize it without truly believing it. What people need to see in us is joy, what kind of Christians are we if we don’t have joy? Why would someone who doesn’t believe want to become a Christian if they see us walking around moping all the time? That’s not to say that we should be happy all the time, thats impossible and if we try we’re lying to ourselves and everyone else, which is NOT what we’re supposed to do. We’re just supposed to be genuinely joyful and full of God’s love. I mean, when we think of God and how amazing He is, even with everything else that goes on in our lives, shouldn’t that make us all joyful? God is so amazing, what’s not to love about that?

So that’s what I’ve been pondering today, it was a great message, well, until it was cut short by one of the pastor’s sons throwing up in the pew… that was a bit distracting and obviously that needed to be taken care of so Pastor Kelley cut it short. :) Poor kid, we all felt real bad for him! Throwing up is the worst!

Back at home things are still a bit tense, I’m hoping things get better soon…

In Christ,



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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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