God’s love is a song

This morning I would normally be at church, however, I didn’t hear from my ride until it was to late for me to get ready. So instead, I read my Bible a bit and watched a video on YouTube by Rob Bell, who is an incredible Christian speaker and has this really good series called Nooma. The one I watched this morning was called “Rhythm.” This particular video really spoke to me a lot this morning, it talked a bit about how most people don’t feel like God is actively involved with our lives, they feel like He created us then just sort of stepped back to watch. This of course is not true, as I can personally think of many places of my life where it’s obvious that God has had a huge hand in the events. But it’s true that some people unfortunately feel that way. The truth is, God is very involved in all of our lives but He’s unlike anything in this world that He is just so beyond anything our minds could ever possibly comprehend here on earth. Rob Bell pointed out in this video that God is like a beautiful song, a song that can move each and every one of us. This song is prevalent in all of our lives and people have heard it for thousands of years and have found it captivating. However, not all of us are in tune with this song, even though it’s playing in all of our hearts, some people never know it’s there. Jesus came to earth two thousand years ago to show us all how to live in the song. He came to show us reality, the way things are truthfully and how we’re to live. In His truth telling, in His love, His compassion, that is everything that God is. Jesus came so we could see how God is active in our lives and to comprehend Him just a little bit. Jesus came so we could all be in tune with God’s marvelous song. Whenever we’re selfish, or greedy or sinful in any way, we’re not in tune with this song, but when people show pure love, like God’s love, they are in tune. Whenever we live how Jesus lived and how He wants us to live, we make it so people around us can see the song in us and relate to it, and possibly learn how to play it themselves.

While listening to this video, I was also reminded of one of my favorite songs from the band Switchfoot, “Your Love is a Song”, which is basically talking about exactly what it sounds like. How God’s love is like a song. Some of the lyrics go,

“Ooh, your love is a symphony
All around me, running through me
Ooh, your love is a melody
Underneath me, running to me”

I feel like that is so true as well. As Christians, we need to live in Christ and show others this song that we need to live in.

Well, those are my thoughts on this subject. In other news about my life, finals week is this next week so I’m not looking forward to that so much, but I’m super excited to go home. And due to the events of last night, I’m left smiling even though it’s super cold outside and I’m still slightly sick. I’m pretty sure nothing can happen to wipe this smile off my face. :) Which makes me happy.

Oh, also, I got a new hat at Target that I love deeply!







I guess that’s really all for now, I should go study. If you want to watch the video that I’ve been talking about, the link is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQCj3UT3YH0 and the link to the Switchfoot song is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH6tXZxFaWA. I recommend both videos to anyone :)

I’ll write soon!

Hope ♥


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