Today has been a really weird day. :/

Ok, today has been one of the strangest days of my life, while all the strange things have been pretty bad, they’ve all turned out ok and it’s been a fairly good day but still, it’s been odd.

First thing making it odd: I woke up at 2:30 this morning thinking it was time to get up, then went back to bed and dreamed a very odd dream.

Second thing: I’ve been dropping EVERYTHING I touch today… And then I was just laying on my bed and I lightly tapped the guard rail of my lofted bed and it fell off! Not exactly reassuring.. So I put it back on, then it fell off again. I’m a little worried to go to sleep tonight… :/ Hopefully I won’t roll to terribly much…

Third odd thing: I had a meeting with my Leadership Studies group leader and I was doing Spanish homework beforehand so I set the alarm on my phone to remind me when to go to my meeting. The meeting was at 2:40, I look at my phone at 2:43, panic, jump off my bed and run to the library. Fortunately the meeting she had beforehand lasted long so I arrived just as that guy was leaving but still, I was quite panicked. Turned out, I set the alarm for a.m. Wow, good job, Hope.

What else have I done with my day you ask? Well, I went to Speech this morning, came back and Kendra and I decorated our dorm for Christmas, lights, stockings and a baby tree! :) It looks fantastic if I do say so myself, then of course we watched the new episode of the Office (Which by the way was magnificent!) Then we went to lunch, came back and we settled in to do homework. Exciting day right? :) Tonight we’re going to the Union to see Raiders of the Lost Arc for a dollar! :) Great movie!

Well, hopefully nothing else to odd goes on for the rest of the day.. Unless it’s a good kind of odd!

~ Hope Kristen ~



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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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