I hate group projects.

So this week I have not only one but TWO group projects due. Oh, how I hate group projects, it’s so hard to get everyone together and it’s inevitable that at least one person in your group will not want to do any work at all meaning more work for you. I have my Spanish presentation tomorrow that we’ve been working on for MONTHS. I cannot wait to have that over with! The girl in my group is great but the guy has done next to nothing. Sigh. My other project is for Sociology and that’s a 10 page paper due on Thursday. We haven’t started the paper part of this project yet, making me a little nervous about the whole thing. I really need a good grade on that! I’m quite scared about this! Ok, Hope. Don’t panic, you can and WILL get through this week. Just these two projects, Spanish essay, Spanish online assignments. Then, the week will be over and all you have to do for next week is write a speech. That’s not to bad. I hope…

Onto other topics, (as I’m sure that one was boring you all to tears, or making you panic thinking of all that you have to do before the end of semester as well) it’s still really cold outside. Which to me is quite depressing though at the same time excites me because it means its that much closer to Christmas! And break! Oh dear, holidays, how I love you so! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year even though I hate the cold oh so much. It’s just such a happy time of joy and love and remembering what the season is truly about. Plus, this year I’m super excited for break to see all my dear friends and loved ones :)

Well, I must be getting busy….

Adios amigos!

Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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