Deathly Hallows Part 1 ~ An am-mature review (Spoilers included)

So as I have previously mentioned, I went to go see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows midnight premiere. First of all I just have to say that the overall experience was AMAZING. It was my first movie premiere ever and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the experience! Even the waiting outside for an hour in the freezing weather was completely worth it!

Ok so here we go on the review. And before you get to far, I must warn you if you haven’t seen it, there will be a few spoilers in here so be forewarned! I don’t want to accidentally give something away! :)

Ok, overall, I thought that the 7th installment of the Harry Potter movies was the best one so far. I thought that it stayed the closest to the book out of all of them and while it was significantly darker, the book was too and I thought they conveyed that well. While they did do a marvelous job, there were a few things I think they could’ve done better, that’s what I’ll be talking about for the most part here.

Comments about the movie ~ 

  • I was really disappoin they didn’t include the scene from the book where Dudley Dursley was concerned that Harry wasn’t coming with them. I thought that was such a sweet, touching scene in the book and I feel that the audience would’ve  connected well with that and seeing Dudley show a softer side than we’ve ever seen before would’ve been great.
  • One thing I did REALLY enjoy was the scene where Hermione Obliviates her parent’s memory, I thought that was really close to the book and also really touching.
  • Seven Potter scene – I just loved everything about this scene, it was just fantastic! I thought it worked well, the changing part was great and the humor in the scene was very funny.
  • I was thrilled beyond belief that they kept the line from the book where Fred asked how George was feeling after he lost his ear. That whole dialogue was excellent! Fred and George are just my favorites. I was quite pleased that they kept some of my favorite lines from the book in the movie.
  • Oh! I forgot the Malfoy Manor scene, oh my gosh. Amazing. Snape, Bellatrix and Voldemort probably made that movie for me. Those actors are just beyond amazing! Very well done indeed. Nangini was definitely perfectly frightening, had that been in 3D, it would’ve been even more frightening than it was.
  • Another problem I had, and maybe it was just me, (if anyones reading this please give me your feedback!) I felt a little like Voldemort was a bit to polite in Malfoy Manor. Yes, he was perfect to Lucius but to all the other Death Eaters I thought he was a wee bit polite.
  • Though this was an inconsistency with the book, I almost felt that it worked in the movie – the fact that Harry was still himself at the wedding instead of using the Polly-juice Potion. I thought that for the movie it was just easier and quicker to have Harry as himself. It would’ve been great to see him change how he did in the book but I just feel they didn’t really have time for the movie.
  • Ok, I’m skipping a lot here but as I didn’t take notes, I’m just writing the parts that really stuck out to me. Also that way this isn’t like a million pages long. Ok, Godric’s Hollow. Amazing. Bathilda Bagshot? Creepy! But amazingly so. Perfectly so in fact. I was a little disappointed that they specifically went against the book and didn’t have Harry and Hermione under the invisibility cloak though. Cause that made that scene even more creepy, that she could see them with it on, but I guess the rest of the scene made up for it. When she turned into Nangini and he fell to the second story I KNEW that he was gonna come back, because of course he wasn’t done but it still scared the CRAP outta me when he jumped up. Me and the entire theater screamed. Very creepy. But as I said before, perfectly so.
  • Dobby’s death. I definitely will confess that I cried, I was like, ok, Hope, you will NOT cry at Dobby’s death. I was wrong. I did cry. :/ So sad, even though they hadn’t had him in the movies since Chamber of Secrets (which of course is a disappointment) and I’m sure the audience that hadn’t read the books didn’t really connect to Dobby well but I liked how he was in this movie. “Dobby didn’t mean to kill, only maim and seriously injure.” Probably the best line of the movie, no lie.
  • Ok, last scene, I thought the split between the two movies was perfect! I th
    ought it definitely was a cliff hanger and switching straight from Dobby’s death to Voldemort finding the Elder Wand was splendid. My one question, why does Dumbledore’s grave look like a piece of modern art?

Well, thats my review. I hope that someone out there in cyberspace read and enjoyed it. :)

Peace out! ♥



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