Why Prayer Should Be Allowed in Schools

This is my speech for speech class about why Prayer SHOULD be allowed in schools and ALL public places in our country.

Why Prayer Should Be Allowed In Schools

In America, the government claims that we have freedom of speech. If this is the case, then why are we no longer allowed to have prayer in schools? Prayer affects everyone in some way, even if they’re not religious. Prayer should be allowed in schools because the Constitution never mentions anything about Separation of the Church and State, no one would forced to pray, and prayer presents many social benefits.

According to Caselaw.com and the Constitution itself, all it ever says about religion is this, “Congress shall make no law establishing religion, or to prevent the free exercise thereof, or to infringe the rights of conscience.” Based on that, if anything it is technically illegal for them to make a law forbidding prayer in schools.  Also, the Constitution mentions in the First Amendment that we as Americans have freedom of speech. Since we do have freedom of speech, that should protect our rights to pray in public and practice our beliefs wherever we want.  By banning prayer in schools, the Supreme Court has actually taken away our Freedom of Religion as Americans.

My second point is no one in schools would be required to pray.  If a person didn’t believe in prayer and had no desire to pray, they wouldn’t be forced to.  Prayer should however be an option for those of us who do believe in praying.  If prayer was allowed in schools, there’s no reason that it should be bothering anyone.  Prayer shouldn’t be forced on anyone but if people do want to pray, they should have the option whenever they want to since as I pointed out already, we are guaranteed freedom of speech from the Constitution.

My last point is that prayer presents many social benefits.  When people are going through a hard time and someone tells them they would be happy to pray for them, no matter what that person’s religion, they almost always appreciate the thought. I personally have never heard of anyone being offended that someone said they would pray for them.  Allabouthistory.org mentions that prayer also might help inject a sense of right and wrong to people who might not think about these qualities otherwise.  According to an article written by Adelle Banks for the Christian Century foundation, a poll of Americans shows that 76% of Americans support the proclamation of the National Day of Prayer and 61% of Americans believe that freedom to worship should apply to all religious groups.

In conclusion, I believe that prayer should be allowed in schools and any public place because the Constitution mentions nothing about Separation of Church and State and in fact guarantees freedom of speech, no one would be forced to pray at any time and prayer presents many social benefits.


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