Advice for all boys :) (I didn’t write this.. I found it online)

Step 1

Girls do not like guys who constantly lie to impress them. Tell the truth and you’ll never have to worry about getting caught in a lie.

Step 2

Be protective, but not overprotective. Don’t control her every move, and don’t let her control you.

Step 3

Notice the little things, like when she gets a haircut, or wears her hair a different way.

Step 4

Smell nice and keep a clean, smart appearance.

Step 5

Hold doors for her, old-fashioned courtesy is not dead!

Step 6

Make her feel like you want to take care of her.

Step 7

Tell her when you are thinking about her.

Step 8

surprise her with a little gift every so often.

Step 9

Make an effort to get along with her friends. Be friendly, but don’t flirt with them. Your girlfriend could easily be hurt by this.

Step 10

Avoid fights, arguments, and disagreements with her friends!

Step 11

Always tell her that she is the only girl in your life.

Step 12

Make sure she always feels good about herself. Many girls are insecure, but simple reassurances (“Your hair looks just fine.”) are often all they need.

Step 13

Let her make some decisions too, like where to go on a date. If she asks you to decide, do so.

Step 14

Treat her well. Don’t ignore her. Respect the fact that girls need to hang out with their friends.

Step 15

Compliment her often so that she knows that you’re still interested in her.

Step 16

Tell her she looks beautiful when she’s clearly made an effort (especially for special functions like the prom).

Step 17

Try to cheer her up when she’s sad about little things. For emotions like grief, it’s best to simply be there for her.

Step 18

Don’t try to make her jealous, or suggest that she may be jealous.

Step 19

Bring her some of her favorite flowers.

Step 20

Be romantic.

Step 21

Don’t tell her you think other girls are hot, even if she asks your opinion.

Step 22

Let her play with your hair, even if she’s messing it up.

Step 23

Don’t be jealous about her exes. She’s with you, not with them.

Step 24

In the same way, don’t make her jealous of your exes. Keep conversations about them to an absolute minimum.

Step 25

Don’t embarrass her.

Step 26

Don’t pressure her.

Step 27

Don’t tease her about her clothes.

Step 28

Never call her fat, even if she’s obese.

Step 29

Don’t tell her to get off your lap. Let your leg fall asleep.

Step 30

Listen to her music before you decide you don’t like it, even if it’s a genre you don’t like. If after some time you still don’t like it, try and nicely tell her you have other interests. Share your music with her.

Step 31

Listen to her speak, even if the topic is boring. After a bit, gently change the subject.

Step 32

Don’t let your friends pick on her. Stick up for her, even if they are only kidding!

Step 33

“No” always means no. Even when you think it doesn’t.

Step 34

If she offers to pay for lunch, let her and don’t make it a big deal. Equality is important.

Step 35

Try to do something you both love to do, so that relationships don’t seem a drag to you.

Step 36

Tell her you’ve been thinking about her all day.

Step 37

Kiss her on the forehead and on top of her head, especially when she is feeling down, and always say a simple ‘I love you’. It will make her happy. (NOTE: See tip on saying “I love you”).

  • Make her something. A paper flower, an artsy heart, something creative that reflects your personality, so whenever she looks at it she’ll think of you and smile.

Step 38

Remember that no matter who, no matter when, any guy has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. No woman wakes up saying, “God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!” You just have to get on the right path.

Step 39

If you are sitting down somewhere like the park or if you are leaning up against something, usually the girl will eventually become comfortable and lean/lay on you. If she lays on you with her stomach facing up, you should take one of her hands and pull it to her opposite side…do the same with the other.

Step 40

If you are laying out under the stars MAKE SURE YOU HOLD HER HAND!!!!! And if she says something like, “I’m cold,” make sure you move closer to her, or offer your jacket.

Step 41

When watching a movie, make sure you are sitting with her.

Step 42

When she is venting about something (whether its about her life or about your relationship) don’t turn it into something about you. She’s just telling you her feelings.

Step 43

Don’t be afraid of kissing her in public if she wants to.

Step 44

Tell her bedtime stories.

Step 45


Step 46

Talk about your future with her, if it’s what you both want.

Step 47

Answer her phone calls…and don’t complain that she woke you up.


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