Sometimes I forget to blog for several months..

Ok, so, if anyone ever read this (Which I’m sorta doubting) then I deeply apologize for not having written in forever. I must admit, I kinda forgot about it. Whoops. BUT the point is, I’m back now! Since I last wrote, lots of things have happened. I finished reading and watching all the Harry Potters (definitely one of the highest points of my summer!), I went to the zoo, I went to Exploration Place, I went to the art museum and my favorite, I went to camp. I learned a ton at camp, hung out with some of my best friends and made a million bracelets. Ok, you caught me, maybe not a million, but it felt like it! I think I have a bracelet making disorder… Hmm..
So summer is kind of wrapping up and that makes me really sad. Everything in my whole life is about to change. Again. As if it wasn’t hard enough to face all the change freshman year when I moved here. Now I get a whole new change of going to college. I only have two weeks left. And even though I’m rooming with one of my best friends which I’m super excited about, a lot of my friends haven’t even graduated yet and I’m gonna miss them terribly! Most of my other friends are still in Georgia, where I’ve missed them terribly for years. But it’s ok, I know with God’s help, I’ll make the most of this change and I have faith that it’ll be great! So yeah, well, thats about all I have for today. I’ll remember to write from now on, I promise!

Adios Amigos!


About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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