A coffee maker named Mrs. Potts

So I haven’t been able to write in a few days and my last post was short. I will now fix that!

So Friday my party went really great! I had a ton of fun and most of my friends got to come and it  just made me really happy. And Jill made me the most awesome scrapbook ever, and gave me a Glee shirt. It was a good night :) Also, Tat, Rebekah, Noelle and I hid under the table so yeah, it was good!

Then on Saturday, Jill and I went party hopping a little bit and played outburst! The rest of the day, Noelle and I hung out with the grandparents! Fun fun.

Then, it was finally Sunday, I got up and went to church then almost as soon as I got home, I had to be at the school. It was finally time to graduate. Who could believe it was that time already? Has it really been that long since I started school? It doesn’t feel like it! But it went really well. I even did well on my solo in our AMAZING senior song, Glee version of  “Don’t Stop Believin”. GREAT song! My solo was “Paying anything to roll the dice, just one more time!” Ah yeah. :) Then, after the ceremony, me, Jill, Emalie, Tat and Noelle went party hopping. After only two parties Jill and Emalie had to go to church but we met up with Jill afterwards and had Kendra at that time too! It was basically just a great day. Then at Katies we tried to adopt one cousin and tried to convince another cousin he was a llama. Yep, good times :)

Today, was sort of weird. I felt like I should be at school! But I wasn’t! :) So for lunch, Noelle, my dads mom and my dads step mom and I went to lunch at Village Inn. Let me just tell you how great their pie is! Then, because I had a giftcard, we went to Perfect Peace bookstore, where I got two of my favorite books ever! Christy and Todd the College Years by Robin Jones Gunn and Volume 3 of the Christy Miller series. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! After that we basically just chilled at home for a while waiting for Dad, his dad and his step dad to get back from a car dealership they went to because my grandparents randomly decided to buy him a car! They got one! Its a Chevy Impala and its white! Its pretty great. Unfortunately though, my dear dear car, my Chevy Celebrity that I love deeply, has not been working so… *tear* we’re gonna probably have to get rid of it. since its just costing us insurance money. I’m pretty upset. I love that car!!! :( Anyways… then later, for supper, Dad, Noelle, Dads dad and stepmom and I went to iHop. While there, I was quite sure I heard an elephant in the kitchen. Ok, at no point did I believe it was a REAL elephant, but it did SOUND like an elephant, so I asked the waitress what is was. She didn’t know… My family all laughed at me though. I didn’t care. I wanted to know what it was! When we got home, mom and dad and Noelle gave me my graduation presents! I got a bunch of dishes and towels and stuff and a COFFEE MAKER!! I was real excited! I named it Mrs. Potts and the pot I named Chip. Oh I love Beauty and the Beast :D Well, thats about it for tonight!

Signing out as a high school grad,



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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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