The police gave me some awards

Me at the the shooting range :)

So today I had to do my end of the year presentation for school to career. Any of you who have heard me speak without a script, know I’m not exactly good at it.  So I basically said yep about a billion times. I talked about my semester hanging with the Haysville police and how I got Taser certified, Radar certified and gun certified (I know, pretty legit semester right?) and then, the police officer and the two detectives that came to watch me, surprised me with a video they had made of different pictures of me at the shooting range. It was really cool! Then, they presented me with a certificate for my Taser certification and for gun and radar certification and for 110 hours of Police work! Also, they framed a picture of me shooting at the range. It was sweet!

Also today, I ate a LOT of food. Thats one thing I love about the end of the school year. In Bel Canto I ate, then, I get to 4th block where I just sat in Mrs. Batchellors room all block until 5th block where I did my presentation, her computer Apps 2 class had food. It was a great day! I enjoy food deeply. :)

Well, I guess thats about it for today. I should go study for my finals tomorrow. Wow. Tomorrows my last day of school. How crazy is that? It feels like just yesterday I was moving here!

Well, peace out friends!



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